Why There’s Room for Pro Contractor Rentals

Today we’re talking with Rick Monogue, the publisher of a new magazine scheduled to launch in January of 2014 called Pro Contractor Rentals. We’ll find out why he thinks there’s room in an already crowded market for another print book. I think you’ll find some of his comments interesting. www.procontractorrentals.comread more >

Challenges Manufacturers Face with Government Regulations

Today we’ll be interviewing Rob Kiener, Director of Government Affairs, and Miles Free, Director of Research and Technology from PMPA (Precision Machined Products Association). Their members are mostly small- to medium-sized privately held machine shops, and I believe they represent the challenges faced by other manufacturers as well.read more >

Manufacturers and Distributors – What Are You Doing to Stay Relevant? New Rules of Engagement

Staying relevant to customers today has become much more complex. Traditional marketing and customer service, based on transactions, isn’t enough anymore. Customers want to pay less for faster, better service. The new rules focus on content, commerce and community building, integrating online platforms with traditional marketing methods.read more >